Spare Parts Clamps


Product code
Image Clamping Type Turning Type
PB.10R CKJNR clamp PB.10R C-Type External
PB.10L CKJNL clamp PB.10-L C-Type External
PB.10L CKUNR Boring bar clamp PB.10L C-Type Internal
PB.16 wedge clamp PB.16 M-Type External
PB.16A wedge clamp PB.16A M-Type External
PB.19 top and hole clamp PB.19 D-Type External
PB.19A boring bar shim PB.19A  D-Type  Internal
PB.20 top and hole clamp PB.20 D-Type
PB.20 boring-bar-double-clamp-PB.20 D-Type Internal
PB.21 top and hole clamp PB.21 D-Type External
PB.21 boring-bar-double-clamp-PB.21 D-Type Internal
PB.22 top and hole clamp PB.22 D-Type External
PB.24 top clamp PB.24 M-Type External
PB.25 wedge-clamp-PB.25 M-Type External
PB.26   C-Type  Ceramic
PB.27   C-Type  Ceramic 
PB.28   C-Type  Ceramic 
PB.29  PB-29 ID clamping set for CRSNR-L tool holder C-Type Ceramic 
PB.30 PB-30 clamping set C-Type Ceramic
PB.31 PB-31 clamping set for CCLNR-L tool holder  C-Type  Ceramic