Our Company History


Hüseyin Aydogan  


Our founder Mr.Hüseyin Aydogan his father, four brothers and two sisters migrated 1959 from Macedonia to Turkey. He lost his mother already when he was two years old. The family left everything in Macedonia except a fridge with which they bought a small piece of land in Izmir and build a one room apartment. Mr.Aydogan began very early to work even he was the youngest in the family. His first work experience he did in the moulding industry. But he had a dream to run his own atelier.

Aydosa 1968  


When Mr.Hüseyin Aydogan began to manufacture Tool Holders Mai 1968 in Izmir the Turkish cutting  tools market were importing all these tools from Europe or United States. Tools were overpriced and delivery times endless.

Aydosa 1973  


He was a molding expert and took all needed groundwork from his experiences of this industry. Even at the beginning princip nr. one was; To produce precision tools is needed quality machines. So the first universal milling machine orgins were from Germany and Sweden.

Veysel Aydogan 1986  


Within a few years Aydosa was etaplished on the Turkish market and unquestionably the number one at this line. At this time Mr.Veysel Aydogan junior finished his education at the technical high school and joined to company.

Mr.Veysel Aydogan and Dündar Par during a visit to Deckel Maho fabrication in Germany  



Mr.Hüseyin Aydogan handed over the company 1996 to his sons Veysel and Yüksel Aydogan. The first step of Mr.Aydogan junior was to change the company to a Ltd. This was needed to export Aydosa tools to foreign countries. At the same time the first export to Germany occured.

Mainwhile Mr.Dündar Par one of the most reputable person at the cutting industry in Turkey and Mr.Aydogan attended to visit many exhibitions and companies in Europe. Since we lost Mr.Par 2014 he joined nearly all business trips and was asisting Mr.Aydogan as technical consalting.    


Ayla Aydogan   


1997 the joungest member Ayla Aydogan joined to the management and took responsibility for accounting at Aydosa.

Veysel Aydogan and Faruk Nalbantoglu  


1997 joined Faruk Nalbantoglu to the family. His branch at Aydosa is international relations and marketing.   




Mr.Veysel Aydogan changed the production to ISO standard tool holders and equipped the machine park with Deckel Maho CNC Vertical Milling machines. Since 2009 he is a reputable manufacturer of grooving and parting tool holders.


Aydosa at EMO Hannover 2011  


2011 Aydosa exhibit at EMO Hannover, 2012 at AMB Stuttgart and 2013 again at EMO Hannover. 2015 Aydosa will be present at EMO Milano.

Aydosa Europe Headquarters   


Today Aydosa is suppliying hundreds of distributors in 36 countries. 70% is export market. Mainly as private label brand.

Aydosa Head Quarters Europe in Kaiserslautern Germany will start up August 2014 to serve our products directly to the european markets.

The main princip never changed. Not to produce everything but produce the best that can be done.

Besides the manufacturing of our standard product range, we also provide CONTRACT MANUFACTURING services.

Aydosa provides the specialized knowledge to get the results you want, delivered on time and to your specifications and quality requirements.

Veysel and Murat Aydogan  

Third jeneration of Aydosa Murat Aydogan with his uncle Veysel Aydogan. He is studing at the technical high school and is enjoying experience of his uncle.